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In School Professional Development

If you are looking to use Mantle of the Expert we can offer all kinds of training and support – conferences, workshops, INSET days, and longer projects. Whatever your setting, our courses are always bespoke and designed to meet your needs. Here is a sample:

  • Conference workshops
  • Cluster events for school networks
  • Development programmes, involving training, demo-lessons, and coaching, for individual schools and wider networks
  • INSET days introducing Mantle of the Expert for schools and networks
  • Weekend courses for beginners, experienced and advanced users

To find out more or to discuss our prices please get in contact.

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Some testimonials:

“Just a brief note to thank Tim and Luke for the training in Mantle of the Expert. Helen and Lou came back so fired up with ideas which are already being used with the children. We will be booking future places – it is changing teachers and changing children.”
A headteacher

“The Mantle of the Expert weekend was pure magic from beginning to end. Building on Dorothy Heathcote’s legacy, Luke and Tim shared their expertise authentically and passionately–and the entire experience is transformational for educators at all levels. As a university drama educator, I can’t wait to share what I’ve learned with student teachers and colleagues.”
A University Lecturer

“Thank you very much for this great training! It was absolutely worth coming all the way from Prague. There were many things I had already read about Mantle of the Expert, but I was missing a direct experience with it. Now I have it, and I also understand a lot more about planning.”
A Teacher, Czech Republic

“Thank you so much for such a inspiring training. Lou and I returned to work full of new ideas! My area for professional development within the three dimensions of MoE was inquiry. I re-planned a lesson based around drama using the skills I had learnt on this training. Wow! The results were amazing. The children were asking a lot more questions and analysing situations but also discussing ways of improving and developing the situation we were in within our story. A big thank you Luke and Tim for teaching me the skills I needed to support this area of my development.
A teacher, UK

“I would like to say a very big thank you to Luke and Tim for a thoroughly enjoyable weekend. My head has been spinning with information, ideas and above all excitement!! Couldn’t wait to get back to school and put into practice the knowledge, skills and understanding I had obtained because of your exceptional talents regarding teaching and Mantle. Looking forward to the next training sessions we have together.
A teacher, UK

“The training really consolidated my learning and gave me fresh ideas on how to engage children in a meaningful way
This is the most comprehensive and practical training available on Mantle of the Expert. Having practiced MOE in many schools, this course gave me new skills and ideas to take to the classroom
This course is essential for any teacher or practitioner looking to practice Mantle of the Expert Mantle of the Expert has revolutionised the way we work in schools and this course is jam packed with ideas of how to develop a mantle.”
A consultant teacher

”Following our fantastic training last term we are wanting to try and get the whole teaching staff up for the next course in October.”
A Headteacher, Wales

“Thank you so much Luke and Tim for a thoroughly enjoyable weekend and for the opportunity to work with you both. Being new to mantle of the expert this whole experience has fuelled my interest and enthusiasm even more and I am keen to put the skills I have learnt into practice at school.”
A teacher, UK