NEW Online Course: Using Mantle of the Expert

A course you can work on at your own pace – start when you like; finish when you like! For intermediate and advanced users, concentrateing on the techniques, strategies, and conventions underpinning Mantle of the Expert.

It is a practical course, with the emphasis on teaching and planning. Including tasks, exercises, and further reading to help develop your understanding of Mantle of the Expert and its use in the classroom.

Content includes:
Unit 1 – Language in Mantle of the Expert: inductive vs instructive language; the characteristics of inductive language; how to ‘protect students into the fiction.
Unit 2 – The use of story-making in Mantle of the Expert: the five components of story; ‘steppingstones’ – planning ahead while giving space to students’ ideas; how to incorporate student ideas that don’t fit the narrative; and using different ‘layers’ of text.
Unit 3 – Using the different ‘voices’ of Mantle of the Expert: facilitator, teacher-in-role, and narrator.
Unit 4 – Seven ways to start a Mantle of the Expert context: strategies for sequencing
Unit 5 – Keeping going and going deeper: making a Mantle of the Expert context exciting: using tension; developing narrative events, using frame distance; the divisions of culture and other tools.

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