Online Course: Using Mantle of the Expert

A course you can work on at your own pace – start when you like; finish when you like! For intermediate and advanced users, concentrateing on the techniques, strategies, and conventions underpinning Mantle of the Expert.

It is a practical course, with the emphasis on teaching and planning. Including tasks, exercises, and further reading to help develop your understanding of Mantle of the Expert and its use in the classroom.

Content includes:
Unit 1 – Language in Mantle of the Expert: inductive vs instructive language; the characteristics of inductive language; how to ‘protect students into the fiction.
Unit 2 – The use of story-making in Mantle of the Expert: the five components of story; ‘steppingstones’ – planning ahead while giving space to students’ ideas; how to incorporate student ideas that don’t fit the narrative; and using different ‘layers’ of text.
Unit 3 – Using the different ‘voices’ of Mantle of the Expert: facilitator, teacher-in-role, and narrator.
Unit 4 – Seven ways to start a Mantle of the Expert context: strategies for sequencing
Unit 5 – Keeping going and going deeper: making a Mantle of the Expert context exciting: using tension; developing narrative events, using frame distance; the divisions of culture and other tools.

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Elaine Chu – Co-Founder Institute for Imaginative Inquiry:
I have been using Mantle of the Expert in my teaching for 15 years, and this course elevated my understanding and teaching of MOE in leaps and bounds! The course systematizes MOE so that it’s not just something you have to figure out on your own. It breaks everything down, naming the components and techniques, and explains each in a step-by-step way. The best part for me was to see and hear examples of these various components and how they are applied to a unit of study. I was able to use what I learned in my teaching immediately. The sessions can be viewed and reviewed at your own pace, and so many resources are provided: videos, templates, charts, diagrams, lists, and articles by various practitioners, including Dorothy Heathcote. Though it was asynchronous, I actively participated through the thought process and practiced what I was learning through the suggested exercises. The course was truly inspirational, and it expanded and sharpened my techniques while making me realize the depth and artistry involved in Mantle of the Expert. I will gladly participate in any future such trainings or courses.

Claire Edwards:
I was so impressed with the simple format, that made the course very easy to follow. Tim’s reading of the transcripts made the learning really clear and pausing to consider, and then try out, the new learning was a great way to embed it. The way Tim broke down using Mantle into small steps, allows for a deeper understanding of: how it works, ways to plan and how to implement and I found this invaluable for my future practise. I would highly recommend this course. Many thanks Tim.

Deb Forrester:
Right from the start I was hooked and not just because of the great content. The format of the course was so well set out, with everything easy to find and easy to access. The script that accompanied the videos allowed me to add notes as I went and was easy to refer back to, and the tasks and articles helped me better understand each module and also get involved rather than simply watching and listening. I have done more courses etc online in the last 18 months than ever before and this is hands down the most well set-up of them all.
Thanks so much Tim for such a well scaffolded, highly engaging, valuable and enjoyable course.