MantleoftheExpert.com is an independent, not-for-profit, website designed by teachers with the aim of informing, supporting and connecting people interested in developing Dorothy Heathcote’s approach

We are committed to promoting authentic and collaborative learning experiences for children. Experiences that protect their dignity and support them into becoming effective students with a love for learning and a passion for inquiry. We belief classrooms should be laboratories for life, places where children can have the power to influence and the freedom to explore other ways of seeing the world.

Through using the greatest resource we have in our classrooms – the children’s imagination – Mantle of the Expert creates imaginary scenarios that allow learners to be anyone, anywhere, at anytime, doing anything. It protects them from the penalties of real-life, giving them space to question, explore and evaluate different possibilities, different points of view and different ways of being.

The resources and other materials on this site have been kindly donated by their authors and can be downloaded, adapted and applied by anyone who wishes to support the development of these aims. We very much welcome communication from educators interested in Mantle of the Expert and endeavour to answer questions and support teachers who are experimenting with the approach in their own settings.

For more information please email: mail@mantleoftheexpert.com