The impact MoE has had on the school as a whole has been incredible. From the staff’s perspective we have all been enthused by this way of working. Staff have embraced all the training opportunities, and professional dialogue, and have had the opportunities to take risks in their classrooms, evaluate with colleagues, and then go back and try again!

There has been an overall heightening of their understanding of how learning is best facilitated, the level of discussion around school has become much more precise and challenging, the staff relating experiences/ideas etc to academic research/educational theory.

Through the project, members of staff have gained skills and confidence. Overall there is a BUZZ! From the pupils’ perspective they are much more engaged with learning. They are becoming more articulate, self-aware and able to develop and move ideas on. They use the words: “fun”, “adventure” and there is an evident degree of urgency in their work – it is real, meaningful and relevant!” Parents and Governors have been equally excited by the work and have had the chance to participate in sessions held for them.”

Primary School Head Teacher

The MoE is an excellent way of getting into a topic (ours was Florence Nightingale). All the children were engaged completely and participated in role as experts. This meant we could then take the topic on – not using MoE all the time – very successfully.”

Class-Teacher, Yr. 1

When I jumped in with the assistance of my T.A. my class were so excited and very keen. They engaged with the client seriously and were very focused… The children moved into a deep place of emotional connection during the session and demonstrated great thoughtfulness and understanding that I would not have created without this technique being used.”

Class-Teacher, Yr. 5/6

She’s definitely motivated by this type of learning – there’s obviously a great deal of enthusiasm for this project, not to mention the excitement factor. She is always pleased to tell us she will be doing company work today. It’s almost role reversal and she’s become the adult!”

She seems very engrossed in the team effort this work involves and has told us all about the different roles. She’s the bones expert!”

He will talk about what he has learned without prompting which isn’t normal. He is excited about the way you are teaching him which is brilliant!”

She has often talked about the company work she is involved in – she shows me the pictures and work relating to this during the morning before class begins.”