Quality Mark


Quality Mark Training Schools are schools that have invested significant amounts of time and resources to develop their staff to an advanced level in the approach. They have demonstrated, through their planning, teaching, and assessment that they have a significant understanding of Mantle of the Expert and a commitment to using it as the leading pedagogy for wide areas of the curriculum.

If you would like to visit one of our Training Schools to discuss how Mantle of the Expert supports their students learning or to ask questions about teaching, planning, behaviour, assessment, or any other subject, then please do not hesitate to contact them. Several of the Training Schools hold regular Study Days where visitors are welcome to come and see the approach being used in the classroom. If you would like to attend one of these days please keep an eye on our Events page or contact the schools directly.

Quality Mark Teachers are teachers who have developed Mantle of the Expert in their classrooms and are using the approach regularly to develop children’s learning. Mantle of the Expert is integrated into their planning and forms a significant part of their practice. Quality Mark Teachers show a commitment to ongoing professional development in Mantle of the Expert and a willingness to share their experiences and thoughts with others.

Quality Mark Advocates are educationalists with an extensive understanding of Mantle of the Expert, who use their role to promote the approach, support others as they develop their use and understanding, and have a passion for sharing their thoughts and experiences of Mantle of the Expert. Advocates might be school leaders, education advisors, academics working in universities, and others.

Quality Mark Ambassadors are teachers with a deep understanding of Mantle of the Expert and an ongoing enthusiasm for using and developing the approach in their own classrooms. They are committed to sharing the approach with other teachers by running staff-meetings, workshops at conferences, teaching demonstration lessons, both in their own classrooms and others, support colleagues in their development of the approach, and have a willingness to share their planning with the wider community.

Quality Mark Trainers are long standing practitioners with a comprehensive understanding of Mantle of the Expert and a history of working in schools and other settings. Trainers continue to practise in classrooms, working with children and demonstrating Mantle of the Expert. They have a commitment to the research and development of Mantle of the Expert and regularly make contributions to the literature concerning the approach – writing for journals, newspapers, websites, and other media. Quality Mark Trainers run INSET days, workshops, and longer courses, frequently working with others from within the community and beyond.

Training Schools and Quality Mark Staff

Brookfield School | Ysgol Cae’r Nant, Deeside
Senior Leader Mantle of the Expert Advocate:
Karen Roberts
Nicky Kilpatrick
Quality Mark Teachers:
Angela Morgan (Nursery)
Rachel Davies
Jody Williams
Ceri-Ann Benson
Jenifer Beck
Joanne Daley

Dogmersfield C.E. (Aided) Primary School, Hampshire
Senior Leader Mantle of the Expert Advocate:
Dot Patton
Quality Mark Teachers:
Chris Frame
Toby Woods 

Priory Church in Wales School, Brecon
Mantle of the Expert Ambassador and Senior Leader Advocate:
Lynsey McCrohon
Quality Mark Teachers:
Angela Howell
Claire Pugh
Shelley Hughes
Jan Davies
Jeanette Blain
Lisa Preece
Amie Jones
Quality Mark LSAs:
Marissa Childs
Mandi Orton
Liz Evans
Natalie Nickless
Andrea James
AnnMarie Morgan

St John’s Primary School, Newcastle
Mantle of the Expert Ambassadors:
Ian Gorman
Jacquie Hodgson
Quality Mark Teachers:
Kelly Bewick
Guy Rundle
Rachael Gray
Miranda Shaw
Shelley Hynds

Woodrow First School, Redditch
Mantle of the Expert Trainer Senior Leader Advocate:
Richard Kieran
Quality Mark Ambassador:
Lisa Hinton
Quality Mark Teachers:
Louise Allmark
Sue Howie
Sarah Ryall
Sebastian Benney
Joanne Dodds
Yasmin Sleem
Ilse Williams
Justine Marshall
Louise Paxton
Mary Capron-Tee

Bealings Primary School, Suffolk
Mantle of the Expert Ambassador and Senior Leader Advocate:
Duncan Bathgate
Quality Mark Ambassador:
Julia Walshaw
Quality Mark Teachers:
Rachel Maitland
Joy Lowe
Kelly McLoughlin

Recreation Road Infant School, Norwich
Mantle of the Expert Ambassador and Senior Leader Advocate:
Michael Bunting

Verita International School, Bucharest
Mantle of the Expert Ambassador:
Louise Ryan

Quality Mark Teachers and Ambassadors

From the NEU Mantle of the Expert Programme:
Mantle of the Expert Ambassadors:
Ben Connor – St Maxentius Primary School, Bolton
Rosie Newland – Perryfields Infants, Chelmsford
Nicole Winter – St Nicholas Primary School, Wantage
Sweeney Matthew – Thorndown Primary School, St Ives
Helen Chapman – Morda Primary School, Shropshire
Jess Edwards – Reay Primary School, Lambeth
Chris Frame – Dogmersfield Primary School, Hampshire
Quality Mark Teachers:
Lucy Coates – Reay Primary School, Lambeth
Michael Holland – Sunnyhill Primary School, Steatham
Helen Nash – Whaddon First School, Bucks
Jonathan Parker – Dale Hall Community Primary School, Ipswich
Megan Quinn – Gospel Oak Primary School, London
Toby Woods – Dogmersfield Primary School, Hampshire
Senior Leader Advocate: Ross McTaggart – Barnes Farm Junior School, Chelmsford