Training Schools

The Mantle of the Expert Training Schools are schools that have invested significant amounts of time and resources to develop their staff to an advanced level in the approach. They have demonstrated, through their planning, teaching, and assessment that they have a significant understanding of MoE and a commitment to using it as the leading pedagogy for wide areas of the curriculum. In acknowledgement of this expertise these schools have been awarded the Mantle of the Expert Quality Mark.

If you would like to visit one of our Training Schools to discuss how Mantle of the Expert supports their students learning or to ask questions about teaching, planning, behaviour, assessment, or any other subject, then please do not hesitate to contact them.

Several of the Training Schools hold regular Study Days where visitors are welcome to come and see the approach being used in the classroom. If you would like to attend one of these days please keep an eye on our Events page or contact the schools directly.

If you are interested in the Quality Mark or in your school becoming a Training School then please visit our QM page.

Mantle of the Expert Training Schools and QM Staff

Dogmersfield C.E. (Aided) Primary School, Hampshire
Lead Practitioner:
Dot Patton
Chris Frame
Toby Woods 

Priory Church in Wales School, Brecon
Lead Trainer:
Lynsey McCrohon
Lead Practitioner:
Angela Howell
Claire Pugh
Shelley Hughes
Jan Davies
Jeanette Blain
Lisa Preece
Amie Jones
Marissa Childs
Mandi Orton
Liz Evans
Natalie Nickless
Andrea James
AnnMarie Morgan

St John’s Primary School, Newcastle
Lead Trainer:
Ian Gorman
Jacquie Hodgson
Lead Practitioner:
Kelly Bewick
Guy Rundle
Rachael Gray
Miranda Shaw
Shelley Hynds

Woodrow First School, Redditch
Lead Practitioners:
Richard Kieran
Lisa Hinton
Louise Allmark
Sue Howie
Sarah Ryall
Sebastian Benney
Joanne Dodds
Yasmin Sleem
Ilse Williams
Justine Marshall
Louise Paxton
Mary Capron-Tee

Bealings Primary School, Suffolk
Lead Practitioners:
Duncan Bathgate
Julia Walshaw
Rachel Maitland
Joy Lowe
Kelly McLoughlin

Recreation Road Infant School, Norwich
Lead Trainer:
Michael Bunting