Testimonials - Children

If we didn’t work for a company it would be really boring. While you work for a company you don’t actually realise while you’re learning.”

Gabriel, Y2

There’s got to be a reason to do writing. If there wasn’t a reason I don’t see why I would really want to do writing. It makes you want to do it to get the old lady out of the house and write to Anglian Arborists to get that problem solved. ”

Matthew, Y2

It’s fantastic. It’s really fun. I prefer working in a company because it’s much better and it tingles in my tummy.”

Alex, Y1

You want to make it more exciting because we won’t learn nothing if we think its boring… We wouldn’t want to learn if it wasn’t fun… that’s what all this roman stuff is about, we’re actually wanting to learn. That’s the thing that we like.”

Bobby (8)

Making it more exciting helps you learn better… because we’re doing it ourselves. If we read it out of book we would learn stuff, but we wouldn’t learn how we would do it… when you act it out its like your own story you’re doing… It’s fun because you all get to do stuff, it’s not like a boring teacher, saying do work, do this work, all boring work. This is work, but its like fun work, its creative stuff.”

Sasha (8)