How can I find out more?

These articles are a good introduction to Mantle of the Expert

Viv Aitken – Mantle of the Expert – A Brief Introduction. This is a chapter from ‘Connecting Curriculum, Linking Learning’  

Dorothy Heathcote – Contexts for Active Learning, Four Models. In this seminal article Professor Heathcote introduces her four models for forging links between schooling and society: Drama used to explore people; Mantle of the Expert; Rolling Role; and the Commission Model

Jenny Lewis – Mantle of the Expert – The Sea Company. This article was first published in the NUT magazine and outlines Jenny’s moe work with her year 2 class.

Luke Abbott – Mantle of the Expert as a route to irresistible learning and transformative teaching.

Tim Taylor – The Paradox of Mantle of the Expert: “How can children be experts?”

Tim Taylor – Using Mantle of the Expert – The Tudor House

Brian Edmiston – Authoring Complexity with Dialogic Dramatic Inquiry. In this important article, Professor Edmiston theorizes dramatic inquiry as a new pedagogy.

Michael Bunting – Questions, Questions, Questions. Drawing extensively on the work of Dorothy Heathcote and Luke Abbott, Michael has drawn together a categorized list of many of the most important questions used in dramatic-inquiry.