Project on the Welsh Borders

Funded by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation, a new Mantle of the Expert training project is starting in the Autumn of 2019 on the Welsh Borders. Involving nine schools – five in England, four in Wales – the project is organised by Helen Chapman, a graduate of the NEU Mantle of the Expert training programme. The project will run for two years and consist of three training weekends and a series of in-school demo lessons, taught by Luke Abbott and Tim Taylor. The eighteen teachers on the project will engage in a form of action research, teaching Mantle of the Expert regularly in their classrooms, reflecting on their practice, and discussing their progress with a preassigned mentor. Paul Hamlyn is also funding an evaluation of the project by a university placed researcher, with a report commissioned for summer 2022. For more information on this project please contact Helen Chapman at Morda Primary School, Shropshire.