A practical course for intermediate and advanced users of Mantle of the Expert. Focusing on the methods and principles used to engage children in learning and make the approach work successfully in the classroom

Using Mantle of the Expert is not a simple process and although the basic elements are relatively straight-forward – a team, a client, and a commission – what lies beneath is a complex and sophisticated array of techniques, strategies, conventions, and cognitive tools, which need to be understood and mastered to make the approach work consistently and effectively.

In this course we will explore how they work and how you can integrate them into your own setting, making them your own. It is a practical course, with the emphasis on planning and using the approach in the classroom, there is little theory or discussion about why the approach works.

Much of the course involves text and analyse. You will be asked at various points to stop the video and work on tasks which will help in your development and understanding of the tools. There is also further reading to do, videos to watch, and exercises for you to try things out in your own setting.

This course is for intermediate and advanced users of Mantle of the Expert and it is highly recommended you read ‘A Beginner’s Guide to Mantle of the Expert‘ and complete the online course ‘An Introduction to Mantle of the Expert‘ before starting.

It is also suggested, if you haven’t seen them already, you watch the two videos in this part of the course – ‘An Introduction to Mantle of the Expert’ and Brian Edmiston’s ‘Using Mantle of the Expert, a case study.’ Both contain a basic introduction to the approach and examples of Mantle of the Expert in the classroom. Brian’s classroom was in the US.