Troll Hunters

Author(s): Tim Taylor

Theme: Traditional Tales

Main Curriculum Focus
Story writing
Animals in their environment
Developing observation skills

Inquiry Question
"Can you tell a book by its cover? (Impressions, reputations, and hearsay)
To what extent are we shaped by our background and by our environment?"

Expert Team: Scientists

Client(s): The Queen of Fairy-Tale Land

To track down and observe the trolls of the forest. Then to report back to the Queen (via carrier-pigeon) with what the team have observed and what they suggest to do with the trolls.


A team of scientists are commissioned by the Queen to track down and observe the trolls of the forest who are (according to reports) blighting the lives of her subjects. Some of her advisers are telling her that the Trolls need to be culled, but the Queen wants to know more before making such a drastic decision.

Resources -  Powerpoint

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