The Young Soldier – Ancient Greece

Author(s): Tim Taylor

Theme: Ancient Greece

Main Curriculum Focus
History – Ancient Greece

Expert Team: Museum exhibition designers

Client(s): British museum

- To visit the archaeological site
- To work with the archaeologists to safely bring back the artefacts
- For a new temporary exhibition at the BM on life in Ancient Greece
- To design the exhibition:
- Display the objects in an exciting and informative way
- Explain to visitors the context of the exhibition
- And the finding of the body
- To explain about the historical context – role of the hoplites
- To create a possible reconstruction of the young soldiers life using historical sources


The remains of a young hoplite from Ancient Greece are found in a cave. It appears from the evidence that the soldier was trapped in the cave when the roof fell in. Along with the remains of his body, archaeologists discover his weapons, armour and a bag of personal possessions.

- Mind map
- Story of the Battle of Thermopylae
- Ancient Greece- Battle of Thermopylae Presentation
- Young soldier slide show
- Letter from the British Museum
- British Museum resources - Hoplites
- British Museum resources - Ancient Greece KS2

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