The Roman Legionnaire

Author(s): Tim Taylor

Theme: Romans

Main Curriculum Focus
- History: The Roman Empire and its impact on Britain
- Geography: Human impact and physical changes over time, map reading, and exploring
maps from the past
- RE: Contrasting religious beliefs of the Romans and the Celtic people
- English: Writing of different texts, such as letters home, reports of battle, rules and regulations

Inquiry Question
"- What might life be like for a Roman soldier stationed in northern Britain?
- See end of document for further inquiry questions"

Expert Team: A legion of Roman soldiers

Client(s): The Emperor of Rome

To protect the northern border of the Roman empire in Britain


A Roman soldier, stationed on Hadrian’s Wall, sits alone in the barracks of a hill fort carefully carving a small statue of an elephant. As he carves he thinks of his home and his family, hoping one day to have children of his own.

Powerpoint for this context - Romans in Britain

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