The Roman Box

Author(s): Tim Taylor

Theme: The Romans

Main Curriculum Focus

Inquiry Question
"What effect did the Roman invasions have on Britain?"

Expert Team: Archaeologists

Client(s): Local museum

1. To examine the contents of a Roman security box
2. To recreate the stories behind the artefacts for the museum.
3. To research and communicate to visitors to the museum the history of the box and the historical context of the Roman invasions and the Iceni revolt.


Commissioned by a local museum, the initial investigation for the archaeology team is to examine the Roman security box and its contents. Then, by studying the artefacts try and piece together the stories behind the box: Why was it buried? Why are some of the objects so ordinary? What happened to the people that buried it? Why did no one come back and reclaim it?

By using their historical research and creative thinking skills the team reconstruct the events surrounding the hiding of the box and the lives of the people who buried it. As their studies broaden the team examine the historical context surrounding the event -the Roman invasions, the Iceni revolt, the colonisation of Britain – and the impact these events and processes had on the history of Britain and its people.

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