The Oak Tree

Author(s): Jenny Lewis & Tim Taylor

Theme: Habitats, environmental change, and memory

Main Curriculum Focus
Science: The micro environment of an oak tree; the parts and life cycle of an oak tree. A science investigation.
History: Different periods in British history; how a village changes through time.
Geography: Human and physical geography of a village; how physical and human characteristics change over time; the impact of humans on the environment.
PSHE: Communities / culture. British values.

Inquiry Question
"What part has the tree played in the life of the village over 1000 years?
Why is this tree so important?
How is human activity affecting our environment?
Why is it important for us to protect our natural environment?"

Expert Team: The village conservation group

Client(s): The village council

To survey the bough and the tree and report back on what wildlife is there. To advise the council on what should be done with the bough and the tree.


An ancient oak tree has sat at the centre of a village community for many hundreds of years. Its memory stretches back to the time of Henry III. Children have played under its branches, families have picnicked, lovers have carved their names, archers have practiced their skills, conspirators have whispered their plots. Everyone in the village knows and loves the old oak and takes it for granted. That is until one terrible night when a storm comes...


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