The Last Mammoth

Author(s): Helen Nash

Theme: Ice Age

Main Curriculum Focus
Knowledge: what life was like during the Ice Age. How people survived during the Ice Age. What animals were alive during the Ice Age.
 Skills: DT – building shelters and making tools; making food for the journey. Science – investigating how to keep warm; exploring the properties of natural materials;
 Understanding:

Inquiry Question
"What was it like during the Ice Age? How did people live and survive during the Ice Age? Should human lives be put before animal lives?"

Expert Team: Elephant keepers

Client(s): Rashka Dave, Archaeologist.

Rashka Dave is an archaeologist who is passionate about Ice Age animals. She has become very interested in mammoths and wants to try to prevent them from becoming extinct. She asks the time travellers to go back to the Ice Age and save the last mammoth.


Characters: Rashka Dave, Archeologist. A tribe of hunter-gatherers. A
cave person who needs to feed his/her family Locations: Across Europe
Time: The Ice Age, around 11,000 years ago
Narrative: It is towards the end of the Ice Age. There is only one herd of woolly mammoths left. The team is called to save the last mammoths from extinction.
Tensions: Dangerous animals, risks from the climate, how to survive, challenges from stone age people

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