The Enchanted Wood

Author(s): Nicole Winter

Theme: Traditional Tales

Main Curriculum Focus
Science – recognizing different trees; different animals including humans
Geography – physical and human features, mapping, compass points, birds eye view, mapping local area, woodland habitats
English – letter writing, writing equipment lists, making plans and explanations of ideas, description of the wolf for company records, description of outcome of their intervention (did he escape and how)
Art – creating accurate images of woodland animals and leaves for company records

Inquiry Question
"Moral – Is it right for one animal to eat another?
Moral – Are humans just another type of animal?
Historical – Have wolves lived in woodlands in the recent past?
Social – Should you talk to strangers?
Historical – How long does it take for a wood to grow?"

Expert Team: Enchanted Wood Wildlife Trust

Client(s): Granny, the Wolf

Grandma, who, having narrowly escaped the clutches of the wolf, is worried that something is not right within the wood. Wolves don’t live in the wood and never have. She wants to find out why it is here to satisfy her own curiosity. She also has compassion for the creature. She wants the Enchanted Wood Wildlife Trust to find his hiding place in the woods and solve the mystery. She trust this team to do the ‘right thing.’
The EWWT study the map to determine possible hiding places, considering what other woodland animals might help and the best time of day to find them. The track him down and discover He came down the Faraway Tree by mistake, whilst chasing a rabbit, got lost and can’t find his way back. In his land (the Wilds) there are no people. He thought LR and Grandma were just big animal (are they?). He needs their help to get safely back to the Faraway Tree without being captured or killed by the villagers.


Steps in to the learning of the LRRH as a story to learn and tell before the commission. The LRRH story takes place within an Enchanted Wood, where the Magic Faraway Tree also resides (see map in resources – class book to read alongside Mantle). The wolf escapes at the end of LRRH story. Grandma is puzzled as wolves have never been seen in the woods before, not even in her grandma’s time. Why is it here now, why is trying to eat people and where did it come from?
Grandma commissions the Enchanted Wood Wildlife Trust to find out the answers. Meanwhile, the villagers want the wolf tracked down and killed, as they consider him a threat. Can the team work out where in the woods the wolf might be hiding, and answer granny’s questions, before the villagers find him?
When they find him, they discover he came down the Faraway Tree and is trapped here as he can’t find his way back. What can be done? Should they help him?

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