The Disappearing Island

Author(s): Wayne Mitchell

Theme: Magnets, Science

Main Curriculum Focus
- Magnetic materials
- Separating materials
- Reversible and Irreversible changes
- Mixtures and solutions
- Creating experiments and fair tests
- Reading and using scientific data

Inquiry Question
"- What is magnetism?
- Why are materials magnetic?
- What do we need to survive?
- How has the island disappeared?
- What is causing the magnetic field?
- What is making the magnetic field reduce?
- How can water be purified?"

Expert Team: Scientists

Client(s): Secret services

The team are a group of expert scientists ‘Magneto Enterprise’, who specialise in properties and the use of materials, especially magnetic materials and the effects of magnetism and the ways that it can be used, are hired to investigate the disappearance of an island and the strange magnetic signature which has been left in its wake.
They need to uncover strange secrets as to why the island has disappeared from satellite images and the magnetic signature which is left. Before the team leave to investigate the island, they must compile facts regarding magnetism and magnetic materials.
Magneto Enterprise work for Mi5, the disappearance of an island is of interest to national security. The team must keep their discoveries top secret and protect national interest.


A geological team are working in the middle of the Atlantic when they discover a strange anomaly. An island in the Atlantic has suddenly disappeared from live satellite images beaming in from space. In place of the island is a strange blur that the cameras on the satellite cannot penetrate. Along with the blur the satellite’s equipment is picking up a surge in the island’s magnetic field. The team are contacted by the leader of a team of Mi5 and asked to visit the island to discover what is happening. They are asked to maintain the utmost secrecy until they have discovered what is causing the anomaly. The last thing the world needs right now is another (possibly unnecessary) crisis.

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