Woodland Carers

Author(s): Helen Nash

Theme: Woodland habitats and creatures

Main Curriculum Focus
Knowledge: Plants and animals in a woodland; what animals need to survive; names of some trees; how woodlands change throughout the seasons;
Skills: simple map drawing; large and small-scale building skills; tree/ plant identification; identifying animal footprints; animal identification
Understanding: how people affect habitats; the responsibility we have to look after woodlands and animals

Inquiry Question
"What responsibilities do we have towards wild animals?
How should we treat wild animals?
Should habitats be destroyed so that people can have what they want?
How can we care for wild animals?
What do woodland animals need to survive?"

Expert Team: Animal Experts

Client(s): Percy the Park Keeper

Percy the Park Keeper has discovered several wild animals that have been made homeless. This is because their previous habitat has been destroyed to make way for houses, so they are homeless. He needs the children to help him to design and create a new habitat for these creatures; to ensure each one has a suitable habitat and to oversee the care of them and the woodland.


Tensions: habitat destruction; animals in danger; missing animals; imminent threat of eg a tree about to be cut down; discovering injured animals

Past: habitat being destroyed. Animals have found themselves homeless. Houses have been built where the animals once lived
Present: The team is trying to create a new woodland and help the creatures from the old woodland
Future: Considerations of how to protect this new woodland and ensure the animals remain safe

Location: A fictional, co-created woodland

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