Orang-utan Reserve

Author(s): Luke Abbott

Theme: Animal care

Main Curriculum Focus
Literacy, ICT, Science and geography

Inquiry Question
"What are the responsibilities people have to safe guard animals in jeopardy? How can humans coexist with apes?"

Expert Team: Ape conserving team

Client(s): Timber production cooperative who are producing sustainable wood for trading

A team of expert orang-utan conservers are needed to advise on the relocation of apes in distress in forest areas, for example, transporting to a safe reserve


The head of charity called (need to establish this) set up to help the plight of orang-utans in Borneo has received a letter from a landowner. It appears that the person concerned is beginning to be aware that many orang-utans are struggling to survive on owned lands in the Far East. Furthermore, the owner has been advised, by conservationists to set aside a piece of land or an island which could be set up as a conservation rainforest where orang-utans can be reared, rehabilitated and later released into the wild. However, it is not just a question of collecting them and then releasing them. Many of the orang-utans are in a pitiful state – some have been taken in by local families who have become very attached to them; others have lost parent orang-utans and need urgent attention; others have lost their habitat through log cutting as well as the planting of palm trees s for oil. Many of these apes have lost weight and need to be nursed back to health.

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