Mountain Rescue

Author(s): Tim Taylor

Theme: Mountain Environments

Main Curriculum Focus

Inquiry Question
"What can be learnt from studying extreme climates and environments?"

Expert Team: Mountain Rescue Team

Client(s): An injured climber and then others

To rescue the climber and then other commissions


This unit starts initially with the rescue of an experienced climber who makes the mistake of climbing alone and getting into trouble after a serious fall. It then expands outwards to involve the team in various other adventures and commissions. Each of which creates opportunities for wide cross-curricular learning.

The mountain rescue team (MRT) have a long history and a wealth of experience working in very dangerous environments and weather conditions. They have an established rescue centre and access to high grade vehicles and machinery. As a team they are highly trained in a range of skills, including medical first aid, rock climbing and navigation.

The team’s field of expertise includes:
1. Planning, preparation and working as a team.
2. High-level communication skills – including talking to people who maybe injured and distressed
3. Problem-solving in stressful situations
4. Understanding risk assessment and ensuring the safety of themselves and others
5. Understanding and using information
6. Highly trained and experienced in using first aid
7. Highly trained and experienced in using technical equipment
8. Ability to read and interpret maps and understand geographical features including their implications

The team’s clients could include:

People who need rescuing, climbers, and hikers, skiers, people trapped in avalanches
The press & media looking to make a film in the mountains
a manufacturing company needing advice on survival packs, a film production company making a film/documentary on mountain rescue, local business looking to promote the area.

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