Island Disaster Assistance

Author(s): Nicole Winter

Theme: Natural Disasters

Main Curriculum Focus
Learn how life on a small island compares with their life, understand the locality of the island, in the world’s seas, the effect of extreme weather on the island and explore its physical and human features. They will think scientifically to plan an early warning monsoon predictor.

Inquiry Question
"How can Dominica recover from the monsoon and hurricane that devastated the island?
Critical - Can Dominica persuade tourists back to the island?
Historical - Has Dominica suffered and recovered from a hurricane in the past?
Critical - Can it ever be totally safe to live on a small island?
How can the office of island disaster management reduce the effect of monsoons on islanders’ lives?
Ethical.Moral - Are tourists good for Dominica?"

Expert Team: Disaster Assistance Team

Client(s): Residence on the island of Dominica

Island disaster management must help to restore order help Dominica to recover from devastating hurricane that destroyed buildings and much of the island. The island depends on tourism, but nature trail paths remain blocked and power has not been restored to all areas of the island. Many islanders have left and if island is to survive it needs to rebuild tourism and bring islanders back. Difficulty persuading tourists that Dominica is ready for tourists and there is still much to see. Company must both help rebuild Dominica, bring more tourists in and find a way of keeping people living in low lying areas safe from monsoon floods.


A team of experts in disaster assistance and management travel to Dominica to see effect of hurricane at first hand six months on from the disaster (the hurricane that really took place in 2016). Essential services are not all in place and nature trails that encourage tourists are still blocked. Help is needed to bring the tourists back as the Island needs tourism to survive. Some islanders have already left. A monsoon might strike again and some islanders won’t move to higher ground to live. Early warning system is needed.

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