Holes in the Road

Author(s): Luke Abbott

Theme: People who help us

Main Curriculum Focus
Literacy, ICT, Science, history, maths and geography

Inquiry Question
"“In the event of serious road subsidence how are affected people able to keep to their daily routines?”"

Expert Team: An emergency investigation team

Client(s): An asphalt team’s foremen/person

To sort out the mess unravelling at the moment in and around the scene of the road repair


Whilst engaged in a usual day to day job of asphalt spreading, a team of road repairers in the centre of [a named location appropriate to your needs] have come to a halt in their work, due to strange and very dangerous holes that have appeared in and around the road repair site. The asphalt people have located an emergency team, who it is hoped, can give some answers. It appears that the whole road system will need to be investigated with the additional problem concerning the people in the immediate locality. The local people will have to be made safe as well as made aware of the implications of the events as they return home from work.

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