Great Fire of London

Author(s): Helen Nash & Luke Abbott

Theme: Great Fire of London

Main Curriculum Focus
• Knowledge: Key timeline events of TGFoL; conditions that caused TGFoL, changes as a result of TGFoL
• Skills: Asking and finding answers to questions, working as a team
• Understanding: Simple understanding of chronology. That changes happened as a result of TGFoL. Why TGFoL happened

Inquiry Question
"How was life different 300-400 years ago?
Why did TGFoL start?
How did TGFoL change London?
How did TGFoL spread?
Was there any help for people after TGFoL?
Should any one person get the blame for TGFoL?"

Expert Team: Fire Marshals

Client(s): King Charles II

To train as elite fire marshals, ready to put out any future fires (including training needed and equipment).To investigate what started the fire and why it was so vicious. To advise King Charles II on how to ensure it doesn’t happen again. To make recommendations on rebuilding the city.


It is 1666 and a fire has just raged through London. No one knows how the fire began but it occurred around Pudding Lane. It has destroyed thousands of homes and killed at least 5 people (probably many more). King Charles II is concerned for his city; he needs a team of highly trained volunteer Fire Marshals who will be on hand to ensure such a disaster never happens again.

Tensions: The fire, City destroyed, people homeless, someone wrongly blamed for starting the fire, potential threat of another fire,

Time: September 1666

Location: London, Pudding Lane, St. Paul’s cathedral.

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