Dinosaur Island

Author(s): Tim Taylor

Theme: Dinosaurs

Main Curriculum Focus
History & Science: SC2: Humans & Other animals

Inquiry Question
"“What can evidence from the past tell us about the history of our planet and the place of human beings?”"

Expert Team: Scientists

Client(s): The Worldwide League for Nature (WLN)

To preserve, protect & study the dinosaurs, protect the island and keep it secret


Hidden from the rest world on a mysterious island a team of expert scientists strive to protect, preserve and study a colony of creatures previously thought long extinct. Working in difficult conditions and constant danger the scientists responsibilities are both to the animals themselves and to the ecology of the island which has sustained them for millions of years.

The Worldwide League for Nature (WLN), the island’s owners and protectors, are concerned that while the team work they are careful not to damage the island’s environment and to work in utter secrecy, keeping the island and its inhabitants away from the world’s prying eyes and those who might look to exploit or damage it.

Furthermore, however difficult their mission might seem, its about to get a whole lot worse as the island’s volcano, long thought dormant, begins to show alarming signs of activity.

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