Chapel St. World War I

Author(s): Emma Bramley

Theme: World War I

Main Curriculum Focus
To introduce World War One
To explore the effect of those ‘left’ at home
To what memorials are and how/why we remember those from the past

Inquiry Question
"Why was Chapel Street called the “Bravest Little Street’ In Britain?
How did the war affect the people ‘left’ behind?
How do we remember people from the past and is it important? "


Chapel Street, Altringham, Manchester was once called the ‘Bravest Little Street in Britain’. This small, ordinary terraced street in Manchester was home to men, women and children who lived and worked in local factories and consisted of 60 homes. Although it was bulldozed in the 196’s you can still find a small blue plaque that commemorates the people that lived there and fought in WW1.

Slideshow - Chapel Street

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