Author(s): Helen Nash

Theme: Australia: landmarks and tourism

Main Curriculum Focus
• Knowledge: maps, basic geography of Australia, human and physical features of Australia, species of animals, elements of Aboriginal Australian culture, features of Aboriginal Australian artwork, forms of transport around the world,
• Skills: basic research using books and the internet, presenting information effectively, applying previously learnt knowledge to a new scenario, asking geographical questions, using maps, globes and compass directions.
• Understanding: understanding some differences between different cultures. Understanding the importance of the environment and land in Aboriginal Australian culture. Understanding the importance of tourism to Australia and other countries

Inquiry Question
"What makes a sacred/important landmark?
Why is tourism important to a country?
How should we treat important places?
Can landmarks have spiritual significance?
Does anyone have a right to own the land?
Should tourism make money from important places?
How does the climate of Australia differ from ours?"

Expert Team: Travel Agents

Client(s): The Australian District Authority

To assist tourists from the UK to get a better understanding of the local area and its history - landscape, indigenous culture etc. This will involve the team in visiting the locality and talking to the indigenous people to get a background, not as people ‘discovering’ the land, but as people learning about the land to explain to other outsiders.


An Australian district authority has decided to commission a team of travel agents from the UK to assist tourists from that part of the world in getting a better understanding of the local area and its history - landscape, indigenous culture etc.

Along the way they discover an incredible landmark. They are tasked with understanding the landmark and explaining it to visitors and advertising it for the tourism board. In the process of the work they meet a local Aboriginal person who explains the landmark belongs to their people.

Tensions: extreme weather conditions. Local Aboriginal boy/person spying on the team (prior to getting to know each other); tension over the landmark – different people claiming it as their own.

Location: Australia and Team office.

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