Ancient Egypt

Author(s): Tim Taylor

Theme: Ancient Civilisations - Egypt

Main Curriculum Focus
- To find out what the Ancient Egyptians believed about the afterlife and the importance of this to their culture.
- To explore the roles of some of the Ancient Egyptian gods.
- To investigate some of the rituals involved in the passage from death into the afterlife.

Inquiry Question
"- What did the Ancient Egyptians believe about death and what happens beyond?
- What happens when a prominent Ancient Egyptian dies?
- What were the Ancient Egyptian views about the afterlife?
- How does the way you have lived your life affect your journey into the afterlife?"

Expert Team: Archaeologists

Client(s): The Cairo Museum of Egyptian Antiquities

- To excavate a recently discovered tomb
- To open the tomb and record what’s inside
- To remove and research the items found in the tomb
- To create an exhibition of the objects for the museum


A long lost tomb is discovered on the side of a mountain in the Valley of the Kings. The discovery is reported to the Cairo Museum of Antiquities who dispatch a team of archaeologists to investigate the discovery, open the tomb, and catalogue what’s inside.

- Powerpoint - Ancient Egypt (10mb)
- This blog is a good source of information.

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