A Giant Quest

Author(s): Nicole Winter

Theme: Giants and knights

Main Curriculum Focus
Children will learn how to map, understand physical and human features - Geography, the weather, growing plants - Science, to work as a team to solve a problem, using our senses - Science, creating constructions for a purpose – DT

Inquiry Question
"Is it ever right to steal to survive?
Can you tell a book by its cover? (reputations, heresay)
Can the ends ever justify the means?"

Expert Team: A team of knights

Client(s): The Queen of Gimli

The knights must first locate the magic harp and find a way to get to the giant’s castle. They must decide how to retrieve the harp. Should they try and steal it, or talk to him and reason with him? They then must listen to the giant and decide if they believe him. They have to persuade Jill to give up the golden goose, even though it is providing them with much needed income.


Queen Adoline of Gimli desperately needs the giant’s magic harp to sooth her distressed baby.  She sends the knights on a quest to bring it t o her.  They visit the giant’s castle but find it abandoned and find out he is living in the clouds.  They have to figure out how to reach the clouds and talk to the giant.  The giant is fed up with people stealing from him and refuses to lend the harp until he has his magic goose returned.  The knights have to find Jill and persuade her to give up the goose that lays the golden eggs.  They then have to return it to the giant and bring the harp back to the queen.  They may try and persuade the giant to move back to his old castle in the Enchanted World and renovate his castle.

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