A Dragon’s Place

Author(s): Nicole Winter

Theme: Dragons

Main Curriculum Focus
Learn how humans can impact on the lives of animals.
Learn the habitats animals live in, the food chains of different animals and understand different kinds of animals and what they eat.

Inquiry Question
"Are the rights of people or dragons more important?
What effects can a disruption of the food chain cause on animals’ behavior?
Is it ever right to kill one animal to save another?
How long have the dragons and humans lived in harmony on Ignis?"

Expert Team: An expert magical animal assistance team.

Client(s): The Ruling Council of Ignis.

The team has a history of solving magical animals problems, such as helping a unicorn who has its horn stuck in a tree. They believe in finding solutions without hurting living creatures. They are commissioned because after many years of living harmoniously alongside swamp, meadow and forest dragons, the dragons have started coming into the town. At the point they are contacted, the dragons have been seen for the past two weeks. They have been found in the farmers’ orchard eating their apples, in swimming pools and dragons’s nest have appeared in places like residents’ gardens. Residents are in panic and turn to the Ruling Council of Ignis to deal with the problem and drive the dragons back to their homes in the forest, swamp and meadow. They wonder if the best and quickest way might be to eradicate the dragons as they are worried that residents will soon be injured or killed.
The team must investigate to discover what has led to the change in the dragons’ behavior, pinpoint the causes and find a solution that will protect the dragons and the humans so harmony is restored once more.


Dragons have always lived in harmony with humans on Ignis, but one day something changes and the dragons begin to come into the town, causing panic and problems. Residents want the dragons gone. The Ruling Council of Ignis commission Wings, Roars and Claws to find out why the dragons’ behavior has changed and find a solution as a matter of urgency.
Tension re added through the feelings of the residents and an incident where a nest of dragon’s eggs is found in a resident’s garden, which requires the expert knowledge of the team to sort out.

Dragon Facts Sheet

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