Woodland Conservationists

Author(s): Sue White & Hannah Cleary

Theme: Woodland conservation

Main Curriculum Focus
• The class will investigate environmental questions.
• They will learn about the importance of trees and the effects of deforestation.
• The class will work as a responsible team to problem solve.

Inquiry Question
"- Do we have an obligation to protect the environment for future generations?
- Why are we bothered about the trees?
- New houses are more important than woodlands?
- Spiritual – is nature important for our wellbeing? Discuss the Zones of Regulation. How would walking in the wood make you feel? "

Expert Team: Conservationists

Client(s): Woodland Trust

To help the Woodland Trust provide evidence to save the woodland to help protect the woodland and the animals and plants that live there.


We overhear a local resident gossiping with an adult in role. Oh no, the local wood is going to be chopped down to build houses. She is so worried about the plants and animals. Also the wood has been there for generations to enjoy. Local schools use the wood for pond dipping and it is opposite an old peoples home. This is going to effect the local community as well as the plants and animals.


- Local Contacts
- LSA Plans
- Map of the forest
- Hazel email

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