13th January 2018

Welcome to our new website.

It seems a long time ago that we published the first manifestation of the Mantle of the Expert website in 2001. Since then we have built three further versions, this is the fourth.

If we are brutally honest the last website had started to creek at the seams. A bit like an old garden shed that was once beautifully organised, but had become so full of stuff you could no longer open the door. For that reason we launched imaginative-inquiry to house our blogs and planning, but imaginative-inquiry was only really a stop-gap. What we really needed was a new, bigger shed, with lots of shelves and little boxes to put things in. Have I over extended the metaphor? Nevermind, this is our new home and we hope you like it.

Take a look around. You will find news about what’s going on in the world of Mantle of the Expert, events in our training schools that will give you the opportunity to see the approach at work, information on how to access courses on MoE and a booking form to organise your own. There is a whole new section explaining Mantle of the Expert and telling the history of how it was invented and its inspirational creator, Dorothy Heathcote.

All the blogs from imaginative-inquiry have been migrated across and over the next few months we will be publishing guest blogs from teachers all around the globe – New Zealand, USA, Belgium, Brazil, Romania, as well as the UK – telling their own stories about Mantle of the Expert and how it has changed their practice.

You also find a whole new ‘resources’ section. Here; all the articles, plans, and other materials from the old site and imaginative-inquiry have been brought across and we will be adding new content every week. So keep an eye on this part of the site.

Finally, please get involved. Mantle of the Expert is an open community, if you have a question, want to ask about training or planning, or have anything else on your mind, please get in contact. We would love to hear from you.


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