Notes from the advanced weekend course, July 2019

6th July 2019

The following are a collection of notes for those who attended the Mantle of the Expert Advanced weekend course at Ringsfield Hall, in July 2019.

An example of the planning grid from Great Fire of London (click to enlarge).






Video – Dorothy Heathcote on the use of Full Role

Chamber Theatre, Robert Breen

Luke’s article on Chamber Theatre

Drama/Theatre – two sides of the same coin –
The what and the how

Drama elements:
POV – People involved
Tension – What is the tension
Location – Where this is happening
Time – When this is happening
Events – What is happening
Reflection – Chance to reflect

Theatre elements:
Representational – How the drama is brought into the classroom (space)
Use of sign: (icon, drawing, writing, clothing, objects, and people)
Form: Of space, movement, speed, volume, intensity.

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