Issue 36.1 of The Journal for Drama in Education

8th February 2022

Issue 36.1 of the NATD Journal for Drama in Education will be out soon.

This issue is a follow up to the ‘Dorothy Heathcote Now’ conference organised by David Allen and contains articles by Cecily O’Neil, David Allen, Brian Edmiston and Iona Towler-Evans, Sandra Hesten, Vaishali Chakravarty and Bogusia Matusiak-Varley, Eleni Kanira and Sarah Mills.

It also provides an overview of Dorothy Heathcote articles published by the Journal for Drama in Education.

• David Allen: ‘A Great Gathering’: The Dorothy Heathcote Now Conference
• Cecily O’Neill: Dorothy Heathcote: Teacher power and student choices
• Brian Edmiston and Iona Towler-Evans: What sort of society do we want?Introducing: Humanising education with dramatic inquiry: In dialogue with Dorothy Heathcote’s transformative pedagogy.
• Vaishali Chakravarty: My Work and Dorothy
• Sandra Hesten: Dorothy Heathcote (DH), the archive and me: What sticks out?
• Bogusia Matusiak-Varley, Eleni Kanira and Sarah Mills: The Alchemical Model of Leadership: From Classroom to Boardroom
• Curated by Maggie Hulson: An overview of articles written by Dorothy Heathcote and published by
The Journal for Drama in Education

NATD (The National Association for the Teaching of Drama) is a community of drama educators, working for a more humanising and child-centred education system. Find out more from the NATD website.

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