NEU Mantle of the Expert Programme Weekend 2 Notes

FRIDAY – Smugglers






  1. ORGANISATION – Working in four groups.
  2. TASK – Luke hands out the smuggler poster – “See if you can decipher this document… see what you make of it. Look at the poster, discuss the text and images.”
  3. ORGANISATION – “Would you mind just standing, for a minute… Do come in.
  4. TWILIGHT ROLE “So, I hope you have seen the posters we have put up around the area, we would welcome any information… You see I am garbed in red livery, my horse is in livery at the Black Dog Inn. If you have any information, come ask for me by name – Tom Catcher. You have seen the money available. I’ll leave you to your own devices.”
  5. IN ROLE – Luke walks up to Ross – “Have you ever been to…”
  6. FACILITATION [Ross stays inside the fiction] “Looking at this man, what would you see if you were me?”
  7. STRATEGY “Can you give the words in my head?” – “Here is a defiant one.” Etc
  8. TASK Participants draw a map, Luke walks round the four posters – “Where is this poster? [“Outside the pub”] “Where is this poster?” [“Down by the docks.”]

SATURDAY – Castle (Rumpelstiltskin)

  1. FACILITATION “We need a castle. In the castle everyone is waiting on the news…”
  2. FACILITATION “News of the… Any suggestions?” [“An attack.”]
  3. FACILITATION “Could you please step into the position of someone who is in the castle waiting to here news of the attack.”
  4. CONVENTION – Effigy.
  5. FACILITATION “To embellish this could you just say where you are inside the castle.” [On the battlements. By the gates. etc]
  6. FACILITATION “Relax. We know a lot about the castle already.”
  7. FACILITATION “They are waiting for… can we have another?” [For a siege to end].
  8. CONVENTION – Effigy.
  9. FACILITATION “This half please relax – looking at the other side, what are you noticing. See what you can see. Any common features (eyes down)… where is the despair coming from… anyone else seeing the signs of despair.”
  10. FACILITATION “Anything else the castle is waiting for… just cast you mind, what other kinds of news?” [Someones death].
  11. FACILITATION “If we are taking this whole position of a death, who might we be talking about?”
  12. FACILITATION “The moment before the death, would you be waiting for the news. Take up the position.
  13. TWILIGHT ROLE “I have the unfortunate task of bringing the news.”
  14. CONVENTION – Effigy
  15. FACILITATION “Just look around you and see what other people are representing.”
  16. FACILITATION “I’ll tell you what I’m seeing, I’m seeing the majority who find this news upsetting. But, others who will be glad to hear of the king’s death.”
  17. TEACHER IN ROLE “We have news, please gather as you know his majesty has been gravely ill…





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