‘Try This… Unlocking Learning with imagination’ – Demo and Book Tour, 2024


Tim Taylor & Viv Aitken

Following the publication of our new book, ‘Try This... Unlocking Learning with imagination’, we are delighted to announce a demo and book tour for early 2024.

Come along and see the strategies detailed in the book used with students to develop meaningful and imaginative activities for curriculum learning. We will work with a class to build an imaginary context, incorporating their ideas and suggestions while weaving in curriculum outcomes.

These events will be an opportunity to see the work in action, ask questions, and understand how Dramatic-Inquiry and Mantle of the Expert can be used to develop the curriculum and engage children in learning.

“Stories”, as Daniel Willingham memorably termed, “are psychologically privileged”, meaning they create meaningful contexts for acquisition and retrieval of knowledge. They have been used by human beings for millennia, long before the invention of writing, and are hardwired into the way we remember and making meaning of the world.

The strategies in ‘Try This...’ are designed to make the most of this function of the human mind, offering 40 ‘keys’ for using stories and unlocking learning. They are written as step-by-step plans which can be quickly and easily understood and incorporated into the timetable. There is very little time needed for preparation, and no need for expensive resources; the biggest resource these strategies use is the imagination of the students.

Come along and see it in action. The events are free and after school. To sign up, please visit the event page you would like to attend and fill out the booking  form.

16th January – Newcastle: St John’s Primary School, Benwell 
7th February – Shropshire: Morda Primary School
14th February – Norwich: St William’s Primary School
28th February – Halifax: Bradshaw Primary School
22nd May – Manchester: Christ the King, Walkden

We look forward to seeing you there.


Date & Time
Tuesday 16 January 2024 3:55pm

For more information email: