Free education from political meddling and hand control to teachers

5th January 2013

Article: The Guardian - Wednesday 17 October 2012 Last week I was chatting to my dad. He's a retired head teacher who taught for 50 years (starting in 1957), I'm a teacher who started 17 years ago. We were, as teachers do, putting the world to rights. The conversation included Gove (of course), Ofsted (how annoying Wilshaw is), the exam mess, funding, unions, SATS, and so on, the usual topics. This is, on the whole, the same conversation we have been having for nearly 20 years. Swap Gove for Baker, Wilshaw for Woodhead. But this time the conversation ended differently....

A fresh look at behaviour management in schools

1st January 2013

Article: Written with Dr. Geoff James and published in the Guardian - Thursday 6 September 2012 Recent comment and news - see the Secret Teacher and the Guardian story on levels of school exclusions - has made me realise how stuck the debate on developing children's good behaviour in schools has become. Teachers are judged by how strict they are. Everyone who has been to school thinks they are an expert and many policies are based on half-baked ideas about emotional intelligence and reptile brains. Meanwhile, thousands of children are not going to school, teachers are under increasing pressure to...


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