Mantle of the Expert Summer School – Jordan


This year's Drama in Education Summer School is in Jerash, Jordan.

The Drama in Education Summer School (DiESS) is an intensive two-week training course on methods for teaching drama theory and practice in the classroom. The course is targeted at early childhood and basic school educators, as well as animators who work with children, or anyone else using drama in an educational context.
The DiESS awards a Drama in Education diploma to participants who have completed three modules over three summers.

Programme Modules

First Year - basics of Process Drama and an introduction to drama-based approach, Mantle of the Expert.
Second Year - Process Drama and Mantle of the Expert.
Third Year - theoretical approaches and practical applications of Process Drama and Mantle of the Expert.

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The aims of the Drama in Education Programme are for teacher self-development and provision of personal skills, to share the experience with education professionals and to transform integrative and critical learning into an influential approach within the Palestinian society.

Date & Time
Monday 30 July 2018 12:00am
Friday 10 August 2018 12:00am

Wasim Kurdi
A.M. Qattan Foundation
22 Al-Jihad Street, Al- Masyoun
Box: 2276 Ramallah, Palestine
Tel: 0097022960544

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