The Beggar Queen

Author(s): Helen Nash

Theme: Castles/Knights

Main Curriculum Focus
Knowledge: Roles in a medieval castle. Features of a medieval castle
Defences on a medieval castle. Jobs in a medieval castle. Geographical features and how these relate to castle locations.
Skills: Geographical field skills (identifying physical features):
Understanding: Differences between ‘then and now’.

Inquiry Question
"How was life different 1000 years ago?
What would it have been like to live in a village 1000 years ago?
Should we always do what someone in power tells us to?"

Expert Team: A team of knights

Client(s): Queen Matilda

Queen Matilda has lost her castle and her possessions in a huge fire. There is no hope of recovery or repair. As a result she is in need of a whole new kingdom: castle and all. She recruits some local, poor villagers on the promise that they will be her knights and will sit at the round table with her to make all decisions. On their quest they meet various foes and complete a range of tasks in order to satisfy the queen and show their loyalty to her.


Characters: Queen Matilda
Locations: Various locations – the team will be on the move, looking for somewhere to locate the new kingdom
Time: Medieval time period
Narrative: Queen Matilda is kingdomless. She has been made
homeless and needs a new kingdom. For this
Tensions: Homelessness. Danger from..... . Dragon living in the hill where we want to build the castle.

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