RFH – Advanced weekend – November 2015

These notes are from advanced weekend at Ringsfield Hall, November 2015
Exploring the planing rubric:
Task – a task to be done (in order to develop the fictional context – either inside or outside the fictional)
Purpose – the reason for that task
Activity – what are the students actually doing? (Listening, drawing, writing, moving etc)
Demands – level of challenge
Devices – teacher in role, conventions etc
Resources – resources needed
Outcomes – student achievements, creation of products etc
The set up
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Theatre space
Use of signs – iconic, symbolic, enactive
Defined space
People – point of view
Happening as if it is happening now
Step 1 – use of music – a melody
2. If that tune were a well known tune within a community, what would it say about them?
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3. Can I ask some people to help… (They unfold out picture)…
4. Standing around the picture
5. Working in groups to create the circumstances where the melody is evoked
6. Use the conventions to represent the circumstance
Photos in preparation
7. The melody will be the linking device between each group
8. Each group uses a convention to represent how the significance of the melody
9. Reflection – after watching the different groups everyone writes what they think these people are telling us about themselves.
10. Seems to me we need a group of people to represent the islanders, and a team of people who are going to see them…
11. Islanders – Out of all the events which one is still bothering the islanders today
12. Scientists – what draws you to the island?
13. Scientists have a conversation, islanders come in close and over hear.
14. Islanders what are you picking up?
15. Can we ask the scientists to step forward, please. And islanders to stand behind them. The scientists will explain why they are on the island, they will be using technical language.
16. Scientists and islanders swap places. – islanders create three photographs to show the scientists. “Can those people in the photograph give the scientists some indication of what is happening.” The islanders in the photograph speak from inside the photo. “Can you help us with the internal references from inside this photo”
17. Task – to plan the first sequence of tasks by applying the seven steps (task, purpose, activity, etc). Then teach other group, To evaluate the tasks as to its universal – Circumstance – communicate between the scientists and the islanders.
Sunday morning
Chamber Theatre
1. A set text (a poem, a story, a play script etc), which can’t be changed
2. Text can be spoken by different voices – including the voice of a narrator.
3. Application of the use of signs and theatre form to make meaning from the text.
4. Can explore how the text is spoken and used.

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2 Responses to “RFH – Advanced weekend – November 2015”

  1. Sal Bailey Says:
    November 16th, 2015 at 3:45 pm

    Once again, thank you Luke and Tim for the opportunity to join you for these valuable training sessions. I always go away from these sessions learning more about myself, my practice and how I can support colleagues to develop their practice further. Above all, there is always the opportunity to reflect on why I originally went into teaching and the importance of the role we as educators hold for future generations.

  2. Lisa Says:
    November 17th, 2015 at 9:06 pm

    The weekend has made me think even more about the intricacies of the work; planning will be even more thoughtful with the 7 headings at the front of my mind.
    We had been struggling in Y4 to bring together a tribe in the Amazonian rainforest with a team of aquatic scientists, but now I will ask the children to think of how they might be brought together. More demands on the children than on the adults!
    I also set out an exclusion zone for a “maths in mantle” session on area and perimeter. I will use more of this idea of theatre form as it really concentrates the children’s thinking.
    Thanks Luke and Tim for a fab weekend.