Notes from Oct 2015 weekend

RFH October 2015 – Saturday Morning

Beanstalk – Castles

“If I said to you, castles, what sort of things could you invent to do with that subject?What does castles bring to the curriculum table?”

Sheets of A3 paper in the middle of the carpet, laid out in a rectangle with a single sheet placed above.

Dictation – the context:

Mother looks through the letter box and sees him at the bottom of the stairs upside down.

– the mother needs some help (client and commission)




“Guess what we have here… (The letterbox)


Bruner – three forms of representation:
1. Symbolic – language (spoken, written, etc)
2. Iconic – graphic (drawings, signs, graphs, etc)
3. Enactive – movement (drama, dance, play etc)

Adult in role (AIR) representing the mother ‘as if’ it were a photograph (use of the conventions)

L.O. – we’re learning to become… Collaborate, reflect, question, listen, adapt…

Use of role
1. Full role – teacher needs the capacity to turn on and off
2. Secondary role – not hear yet… The signs of the role (presently absent) – The giant
3. Teacher in and out of role
4. Twilight role

– Have we got something the role could wear that would give us giant’s mum?
– What thoughts might come to mind when you look at the shawl?
– Hear are some thoughts on how we think the she might wear the shawl?
[The role listens while the class make suggestions and give reasons. They come up, one at a time, and ‘sculpture’ the role]
– What fears might she have?
– Where abouts would the worry of death stand?
– The worry on concealment?
Sunday – Beach Protection

TASK – What would be on a sign to stop people coming on to the beach?
[students create a sign]
TASK – Have you got any questions about this beach?
[teacher in role – TIR] “It’s in a terrible state, fly tipping…” Etc
– “I need a team here, it falls on my shoulders, I’m responsible for its upkeep.
Questions asked to learn about the beach.

-“What do you know so far?”
TASK – could you draw on the little piece of paper something you think might need to be cleared.
– “Can you come over to our beach then…” [class stand & move into a circle]
– “I was just thinking, where should we put these? [the signs]”
A conversation follows with the teacher extending thinking.
TASK – “What else have we got on the beach?” [students lay down images]
Teacher starts looking at objects and making comments, “Those iron drums are a nightmare… this is another thing, the locals have been complaining…”
TASK – “With a neighbours just have a bit of a wander and discuss what you think is the biggest challenge.”
A conversation follows on implications
– [TIR] “You can see the sort of problems…”,

[stepping into the drama circle] [TIR] “Does anyone know about the price of skips? You need to understand it’ll come off the price of your bonus… when you’re out and about today could you think about ‘losing’ some of it [tension]… Have you got your schedules?”
TASK – “As he leaves… What’s going through people’s minds?”
TASK – “Give the words in your head, take the keys out of your pocket, ready to start the engine of your lorry… Capture one or two things going on in people’s head.

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