The Mountain Rescue Team

Author: Tim Taylor l Suitable for: Early Years, Key Stage 1, Key Stage 2, Planning

Tim Taylor and Brian Edmiston

Suitable For: Key Stage 1, Key Stage 2


A team of mountain rescuers experienced at working in a very dangerous environment. 
They have a mountain rescue base & accesses to a range of equipment & machinery. 
They are highly trained and have a history of successful rescues over many years.

Pdf  Download – Mountain Rescue Planning (24 pages)


Inquiry Question(s)

– What do human beings & other mammals need in order to live?
– How do extreme environments affect humans and mammals?
– What kinds of materials can help to protect humans?
– What are the natural features of extreme environments, how can their effects be mitigated?
– How can people be protected from extreme environments & rescued if they get into trouble?
– What kinds of people put their lives at risks to save & protect others?
– What can we learn from investigating these people & their work, which will help us to live successful lives?

Designing the Expert Frame


Above the snow line, a lone climber has got into trouble climbing a steep peak. They have fallen and seriously injured their leg. The wound is bleeding, but the climber has not lost consciousness. The climber is experienced, but has made a mistake climbing alone. The weather is bad and getting worse. The climber has a mobile phone and can get a signal. The phone is working but only has a limited battery life. The climber is wearing the correct clothing for the weather but is getting cold in the snow. They know the number for the mountain rescue centre.

Field of Expertise

1.      Planning & preparation, working as a team.
2.      High-level communication skills – including talking to people who may be injured & distressed.
3.      Problem solving in stressful situations.
4.      Understanding risk assessment & not putting themselves or others in unnecessary danger.
5.      Understanding & using information.
6.      Highly trained & experienced in applying first aid.
7.      High trained & experienced in using highly technical equipment
8.      Able to read & interpret maps & understand geographical features & their implications


People who need rescuing, climbers, and hikers, skiers, people trapped in avalanches;
The press & media… who need information;
Later others might include: a manufacturing company that needs advice on survival packs, or a film production company making a film/documentary on mountain rescue.


– To plan, organise & execute a rescue
– To give advice & help preventing avalanches
– To advice & inform a TV crew about the work of mountain rescue
– To advice on suitable climbing materials & equipment

Possible Steps In

Consult planning pdf above

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