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Welcome to Mantle of the Expert.com

Hello, welcome to Mantle of the expert.com. This website has been designed as a central location for information and resources on Mantle of the Expert. It will be useful to teachers, students and school leaders interested in using and developing MoE as an approach to teaching and learning for the 21st Century.

Mantle of the Expert Quality Mark Training Schools

The following schools have been awarded the Mantle of the Expert Quality Mark, qualifying them as registered Training Schools. If you would like to visit one of these schools to see mantle of the expert in action and to discuss the approach with teachers who use it, please contact them directly through the links. Woodrow First School, Redditch Bealings […]

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Materials for Newcastle Workshops 2014

Introduction to mantle of the expert – An introduction to mantle of the expert by Dr. Viv Aitken The resources pack – Mantle of the expert resources pack Some planning Victorian Pit Investigation Team Victorian Powerpoint  Children’s writing imaginative-inquiry website (including Island planning) Some more reading: Jenny Lewis – Third Generation Assessment Michael Bunting – Questioning […]

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Cecily O’Neil working with Year 3 – “Mystery Virus Hits Holiday Island”

By TeamWoodrow It was a pleasure to host the West Midlands Mantle of the Expert Network weekend at our school at the end of November. Thanks to Iona Towler Evans, David Allen and Kate Katafiasz for bringing the best people to our school! Cecily O’Neil is a respected drama practitioner [google her!] and was focussing on […]

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Mantle of the expert weekend November 2013 – Notes

Mantle of the expert weekend – Friday

1. Teacher coach
2. This work is about ‘induction’ not instruction
3. About helping children to ‘become’ people
4. This is a pedagogy that is about how we are with children

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New – West Midlands Mantle of the Expert Network

We are pleased to announce our programme of activities for the Autumn and Spring terms
Cecily O’Neill: Story and Drama

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Notes on the advanced weekend in November

The Advanced MoE weekend in November will have a strong learning and teaching focus for advanced practitioners concerning the use of language and role choices. There have been suggestions that we look into the challenges of working with other colleagues who are new to teaching and the first steps of inducting people into the system

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More stories of science and mantle of the expert from Jericho

I am working with a team of five deeply committed science teachers in Zbeidat School for boys in Jericho area that is in fact, a long drive away from the town of Jericho itself.

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Curriculum 2014 – Programmes of Study

Teacher Alex Crump – @alfiecrump – has compiled the complete programmes of study for the new Primary Curriculum, due to become law for non-academy primary school in September, 2014.

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History Lessons Regarding Mantleoftheexpert.com

A little background may help people comprehend the unique opportunity I grasped to raise the profile of what I and many others believe to be one of the most significant educational inventions of all time, that of Mantle of the Expert. This opportunity was also at a significant time in the history of education in the UK. I did this in spite of deliberate and obstructive opposition from a number of quarters, in the firm belief that MoE needed to be disseminated beyond the few and to happen urgently. For me, the time was right in 2005.

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Woodrow and Palestine Exchange 2013

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