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Welcome to Mantle of the Expert.com

Hello, welcome to Mantle of the expert.com. This website has been designed as a central location for information and resources on Mantle of the Expert. It will be useful to teachers, students and school leaders interested in using and developing MoE as an approach to teaching and learning for the 21st Century.

Woodrow and Palestine Exchange 2013

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Mantle of the Expert Quality Marks 2012-3

We are delighted to announce the following teachers and learning support have been awarded the mantle of the expert Quality Mark:
Pound Hill Infant School, Crawley – June 2013
Lead Practitioner certificates are awarded to:
Christina Delgado,
Rachael North,
Alison Hillebron
Anne Marie Stewart
Sarah Stallard
Holy Cross Primary School, Harlow – June 2013
Lead Practitioner certificates are awarded to:
Coren Murley
Katy Peters
St Aidan’s Catholic Primary [...]

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Creative Teaching And Learning Magazine


Creative Teaching and Learning: Incorporating creativity and critical thinking into your school.

The school curriculum is changing, and we need creativity in our classrooms more than ever before. Michael Gove may be ploughing on with his plans for a new facts-based curriculum, but Ofsted are increasingly stressing the need for learner engagement, lively creative teaching, the use of dialogic teaching approaches and student collaboration…

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MoE Study Days at Grimley and Holt CE Primary School

ghTuesday May 21st, 2013 & October 22nd, 2013

The staff and children of Grimley and Holt CE Primary School invite you to visit their school for a Mantle of the Expert Study Day.

Come and see how we empower children through our creative enterprise approach.

Watch experienced class teachers harness children’s natural ability to place them in the driving seat of their learning.

‘The outstanding curriculum is carefully planned. The innovative practice of teaching through drama and inquiry is now well established and recognised nationally as leading practice.’ OFSTED 2010.

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Open letter to all teachers concerned by the draft National Curriculum

This letter was originally published by Debra Kidd – @debrakidd – on her website Love Learning

Debra was the only practicing teacher invited to sign the “100 Academics” letter published in the Independent – “100 academics savage Education Secretary Michael Gove for ‘conveyor-belt curriculum’ for schools”

Many teachers contacted Debra asking if they could add their voices to the protest. This is her response.

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Mantle of the Expert: Quality Mark

In the past few years much has changed on the educational stage in the UK and internationally. Drama for learning methods as well as the adoption of Mantle of the Expert systems in many learning contexts is becoming more widespread in the UK and in several other countries.
In response to these exciting developments we have initiated a Quality Mark for the application and development of Mantle of the Expert in schools where the use of the system is significantly affecting school wide curriculum structures and pedagogy…

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Learning Through Mantle of the Expert

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News from Big Brum Theatre in Education

Dear Friends and Colleagues,
It’s been a busy term for Big Brum, with both The Edge and The Giant’s Embrace touring schools. This week we are off to Rouen to meet with colleagues from Hungary, Spain and France and continue to celebrate and explore the work of Edward Bond. While there, Big Brum will be performing [...]

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Mantle of the Expert Newsletter

Mantle of the Expert March NewsletterNews in this month’s newsletter:

  • introduction to www.imaginative-inquiry.co.uk
  • news on extra weekends at Ringsfield Hall
  • conference information
  • study days at training schools and networks
  • mantle of the expert in Palestine
  • new photograph gallery of Dorothy Heathcote working in the 1970s and 80s
  • information on the draft national curriculum
  • word clouds comparing the new draft curriculum and the existing curriculum 2000.

Click the Newsletter image or the link below to download.

MoE Newsletter March 2013

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The Raft of the Medusa The Story of a Painting • The Painting of a Story

MedusaBlah Blah Blah Theatre Company 

“As a cross-curricular learning tool it is some of the best educational work we have seen.” Head of Drama, Cockburn High School, Leeds

A participatory theatre event

  • The students are introduced to the world of the story and the characters within it.
  • We work with a small group of students so each individual can contribute to bringing the story to life. They will experience it not just as themselves but ‘in role’ from the viewpoint of people inside the narrative.
  • The students’ investment grows with the story because they see their ideas being incorporated.

“I really enjoyed being able to take part and feel like we were there, feeling the pain and sorrow”. Student, Brinsworth School, Rotherham

A scheme of work developed by experienced teachers…

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