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Welcome to Mantle of the Expert.com

Hello, welcome to Mantle of the expert.com. This website has been designed as a central location for information and resources on Mantle of the Expert. It will be useful to teachers, students and school leaders interested in using and developing MoE as an approach to teaching and learning for the 21st Century.

RFH – Advanced weekend – November 2015

These notes are from advanced weekend at Ringsfield Hall, November 2015

Exploring the planing rubric:
Task – a task to be done (in order to develop the fictional context – either inside or outside the fictional)
Purpose – the reason for that task
Activity – what are the students actually doing? (Listening, drawing, writing, moving etc)
Demands – level of challenge
Devices – teacher in role, conventions etc
Resources – resources needed
Outcomes – student achievements, creation of products etc

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New Quality Mark Training School – St John’s Primary, Newcastle

We are delighted to announce St John’s Primary School, Newcastle has been awarded the Quality Mark as a Training School in Mantle of the Expert, with the following teachers awarded the teacher’s Quality Mark: Lead Trainers certificates are awarded to: Ian Gorman Jacquie Hodgson Lead Practitioner certificates are awarded to: Kelly Bewick Guy Rundle Rachael Gray Miranda […]

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Protected: Dorothy Heathcote’s Planning for Advanced Weekend Nov 2015

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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Notes from Oct 2015 weekend

RFH October 2015 – Saturday Morning Beanstalk – Castles “If I said to you, castles, what sort of things could you invent to do with that subject?What does castles bring to the curriculum table?” Sheets of A3 paper in the middle of the carpet, laid out in a rectangle with a single sheet placed above. […]

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Mantle of the Expert at Ringsfield Hall Advanced Weekend November 13-15 2015

In 2010 Dorothy Heathcote travelled to Turkey to work on her last large scale Mantle of the Expert project. She spent a week working with a class of teenagers creating an elaborate context involving a team of engineers. On her return she wrote up her planning in enormous detail and sent a handwritten copy to […]

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Quality Mark 2015

We are delighted to announce the following teachers have been awarded the mantle of the expert Quality Mark: Priory Church in Wales School, Brecon – August 2015 Lead Practitioner certificates are awarded to: Shelley Elizabeth Hughes Janet Marie Davies Miss Amanda Jeanette Blain Lisa Preece Angela Howell Lynsey Anne McCrohon

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Important information regarding Ofsted & Assessment

I’ve recently read two important documents regarding changes to Ofsted and the new arrangements for school assessment. These changes will significant affect primary practice and the way schools monitor teaching and learning, as a consequence they are essential reading for everyone in primary eduction. The first was published by Ofsted in May 2015: Ofsted inspections – […]

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Some notes from the Advanced Weekend – March 2015

RFH Saturday Morning Projections of Role: 1. Teacher in and out of Role 2. Full role 3. Twilight role (coming ‘into’ the role) – Luke rolls up his sleeves (also called shadowy role) 4. Secondary role (he’ll be here soon, someone to consider who’s not in the room) Tim in secondary role: Step 1: LA […]

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New website for West Midlands Mantle of the Expert Network

The West Midlands Mantle of the Expert Network has launched a new website, which introduces the range of activities the network undertakes, including training events, coaching and mentoring, and special projects in schools. Current work includes a Mantle project for primary schools on Anglo-Saxon Britain. The website can be found here: www.westmidlandsmantle.co.uk

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Notes from the RFH Advanced Weekend

The following notes were taken during the Advanced Practitioners weekend at Ringsfield Hall Nov 7-9, 2014 Essential Reading: Bolton & Heathcote – Drama for Learning: mantle of the expert approach Morgan & Saxton – Teaching Drama Morgan & Saxton – Asking Better Questions Heathcote – Collected Writing Other reading: Breen – Chamber Theatre Wenger – […]

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