The Missing Pilot: A MoE sequence

This paper records a sequence of lessons planned and taught by Lisa Hinton and Luke Abbott at Woodrow First School, Redditch in October 2016. It involves the use of Dorothy Heathcote’s Task Rubric‘, which she documented in detail during her work in Turkey in 2010 and was later decoded by Luke during a weekend at Ringsfield Hall in November 2015.

In this report Lisa documents two days work with Luke introducing and developing a Mantle of the Expert context with her class of Year 4 students and then outlines how the work was further developed making links across the curriculum. Lisa concludes, “The rubric from Dorothy Heathcote highlights the importance of thinking around the learning in order to challenge children; activity is not at the fore front and neither is it the priority as it so often can be in some plans. Attention to detail is key and therefore the demands on the children are high.”

The Missing Pilot: A MoE Sequence by Lisa Hinton and Luke Abbott

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