Mantle of the Expert in Palestine

For the last seven years we have been working with the Qattan Foundation in Palestine developing Mantle of the Expert in schools across the country. Based around their hugely successful summer course, where Palestinian teachers from all over the Middle East travel for an intensive two week course in drama for learning, the Qattan project is one of the most advanced and extensive Mantle of the Expert programmes in the world.

For the next ten days I will be working with Early Years teachers in Jericho and Ramallah on the use and application of Mantle of the Expert following on from the work of Luke Abbott who has been working closely with Qattan for seven years.

One of the most exciting and successful aspects of the Qattan project is the teacher exchange programme with Woodrow First School that involves teachers from Palestine visiting the school and teachers from Woodrow travelling to Palestine to work alongside Palestinian teachers using Mantle of the Expert.

The Qattan Foundation Education Research and Development Programme is run from their offices in Ramallah and led by their director, Wasim Kurdi

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