Further information on the Advanced Course and MA Route

FAQ: Can you please clarify the qualification process for the Advanced Course. Do I have to do the qualification(s)? How much would it cost if I did? And how would I go about registering?

ANSWER: Here is an outline some of the ways you can think through any certificated routes, but only if you want to embark on them. There is no expectation that any one will, it’s up to each colleague to decide. The credits are IN ADDITION to the course for those that want to sign up to them.

The training you will receive puts you in the league of highly trained MoE colleagues, it also assumes you will want to forward the work with colleagues by their contacts with you and your school. The assignments from the course will support you in this endeavour. As far as any university recognised or award bearing qualification is concerned – you have a choice.

Choice 1-you complete the course and the MoE competent trainers recognition. This will mean that we will ensure any contacts that come to us from your area of the country are sent to you from teachers who want more MoE training etc. Also you can with our blessing run any training events in your area you may want to run-either with us or as a cluster by yourself or others you have worked with or ‘trained’.

You complete the SAME course. BUT on the Friday of the first weekend you need to enrol with Dr Harriet Marlands colleagues to either go for CERTIFICATE OR DIPLOMA OR FULL MASTER ROUTE. The details of this are published on the website. For people who want credits at Certificate level-the same course including the same assignments -will lead to a certificated award and Maters credits. You will see that the bar is raised if people go for a Diploma or a Masters-and as you say there is a cost implication for anyone wanting to go down the full Masters. Harriet can also help with the labyrinth of Assessment of Prior Learning (APL) that can give you credits for courses or awards you may already have or completed or are part way through.

For example-NPQH gives automatic credits to a Masters route as does Leading from the Middle courses. Everyone is different and will want self selected individual gains from the training which I believe is great-as this gives choice.

Why are we doing the credit routes?

Currently qualified serving UK teachers are able to do routes to M level at an incredibly low cost up to 2011- as the TDA/dcsf have given funding to universities to create teacher pathways to M level (via Cert/Dip routes). Harriet will help here-to enrol and be awarded a Certificate/Diploma the cost is under £100 though there will be costs for tutors for those people who want to go down this route-around £250 in addition.

Does everyone have to do a credit route to be a ‘trainer’?
There are people on the training course who don’t want to embark on any credit routes for a variety of reasons-for example some of those attending already have a Masters Degree……….BUT there are other teachers who want to gain the Certificate given that the work they will need to complete is no more than the course requires in any case-and this is likely to cost £40 extra only…………

Hope this is a bit clearer?


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