This survey is part of the data-collection process for the Rose Primary Curriculum Review undertaken in collaboration with QCA. The information collected here will be held in the strictest confidence and shared with no third parties. We anticipate the form will take between 5 and 10 minutes, please send the form even if only partially completed as all information will be very useful. There is no requirement to fill in your name, school or contact details if you wish to remain anonymous.

First Name
School or Organisation

City / Town

County or State
Postcode / Zipcode
Year group(s) you teach
Your current position (teacher, head-teacher, student etc)
Your current confidence in using the approach (1-5, 1 being new to moe, 5 being very confident)
Approximately how often do you use Mantle of the Expert in your classroom?
What attracted you to this method of teaching?

Publicity from media

Own research/reading

Persuasion from a colleague or senior manager

Observing the system used in other classrooms

Other (please specify)

When using Mantle of the Expert, what are your main objectives for the children taking part?
(Please indicate your 3 most important objectives by numbering 1-3, 1 being the most important)
To gain subject knowledge of the topic studied.
Progress according to National Curriculum level descriptors.
To gain and use skills of communication
To practise skills of cooperation and team work.
To improve problem solving skills.
To improve thinking skills
Other (please specify)

Please specify what training you have had in using moe?