The Dorothy Heathcote Archive (pdf. 473 pages) – Dr. Sandra Hesten – contains over 2000 items – documentary, audio and video – pertaining to the work of Dorothy Heathcote and her many students. Website

Mountains, Ships and Time-Machines: Making space for for creativity and learning with dramatic inquiry in a primary school (pdf. 44 pages) – Prof. Brian Edmiston

Word on the Street (pdf. 25 pages) – Wendy Rouse & Amanda Wilde – An action research project

Leadership Challenges Posed by Introducing Mantle of the Expert (pdf. 24 pages) – Michael Bunting

In Experience – Using Mantle of the Expert in the Creative Classroom (pdf. 22 pages) – Theatre Cap-a-Pie

A Critical Evaluation of Mantle of the Expert as a Teaching and Learning Approach (pdf. 30 pages) – Allana Taylor

Our Rights -An awareness raising project on the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child using mantle of the expert (pdf. 16 pages) – Paul Gibbins

Turtle Watch – a record of four year old nursery children working at Sidegate Primary School in the garden classroom using Mantle of the Expert (pdf. 36 pages) – Judith Merrill

Mantle of the Expert: Potentialities of this Method in the Brazilian Educational System (pdf. 81 pages) Roberta Luchini Boschi