Palestine April 2012.1

These photos were taken during the week of April 18-22, 2011. During the teacher exchange project organised by the Qattan Foundation. They show English and Palestine teachers working working together with classes of Palestine children from seven different schools.

Photos from Waikato Conference

These phots were taken during the first international mantle of the expert conference at Waikato University, Hamilton, New Zealand.

Stills from Three Looms Waiting

These photos are still from the 1971 documentary of Dorothy Heathcote's work, Three Looms Waiting.

The Castle Restoration Company

These photos document work done in Yr. 3/4 at Surlingham Primary School, Norfolk. The children were exploring much of the curriculum through the use of moe as a team of castle restorers.

Castle Exhibition

Surlingham Primary School, 2008. A team of restorers open an exhibition at their newly renovated castle. The exhibition includes artifacts discovered by the team during the restoration work

The Search for a New Home

These photographs document work in a year 5/6 class at Hilgay Primary School, Norfolk. The expert frame was a team of scientists searching for a new planet to colonize after the environmental destruction of earth.

Big Bad John

These photos were taken one Sunday afternoon during the summer when I was playing with my children. We had been listening to the Johnny Cash song “Big Bad John" and they were fascinated by the story of the flawed hero who sacrifices his life to save his fellow miners after a terrible explosion underground. After searching the internet and finding pictures of mines and mining disasters from the past, we set to work imagining what it would be like to be in a mine when the roof collapses and what it would be like to be the rescue team rescuing the trapped miners.

Florence Nightingale

A class of yr. 1 children at Hillside School, Norwich, explore the work of Florence Nightingale at the army hospital in Scutari. In this episode we see Florence's first day.

The Memorial Garden of the Selfish Giant

These photographs document a mornings work with a Yr.1 class at St John's Infant School, Norwich. The children were representing a team of garden designers commissioned to build a garden in memory of the selfish giant from the famous Oscar Wilde fairytale.

The Tomb of Queen Boudicca

These photographs document a class of Yr2/3 at Tuckswood Community First School in 2005 working as an expert team of archaeologists uncovering the tomb of Queen Boudicca at the site of an ancient Iceni village.

Undercover Police

A team of undercover police work on getting their license to carry arms. This work was done in a school in Newcastle with a Year 2 class.

Customs & Excise

West Denton, Newcastle, 2006. A team of customs & excise look to recover a cache of stolen antiques.