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RFH – Advanced weekend – November 2015

These notes are from advanced weekend at Ringsfield Hall, November 2015

Exploring the planing rubric:
Task – a task to be done (in order to develop the fictional context – either inside or outside the fictional)
Purpose – the reason for that task
Activity – what are the students actually doing? (Listening, drawing, writing, moving etc)
Demands – level of challenge
Devices – teacher in role, conventions etc
Resources – resources needed
Outcomes – student achievements, creation of products etc

Notes from Oct 2015 weekend

RFH October 2015 – Saturday Morning Beanstalk – Castles “If I said to you, castles, what sort of things could you invent to do with that subject?What does castles bring to the curriculum table?” Sheets of A3 paper in the middle of the carpet, laid out in a rectangle with a single sheet placed above. […]

Mantle of the Expert at Ringsfield Hall Advanced Weekend November 13-15 2015

In 2010 Dorothy Heathcote travelled to Turkey to work on her last large scale Mantle of the Expert project. She spent a week working with a class of teenagers creating an elaborate context involving a team of engineers. On her return she wrote up her planning in enormous detail and sent a handwritten copy to […]

New Study Day at Woodrow First School – October 13th 2015

As a national training school Woodrow First School hold termly Study Days for Mantle of the Expert. These days give visitors the opportunity to: • observe best practice in challenging circumstances • work with our practitioners • see our approach to planning and assessment • discuss the challenge of leadership • Tuesday 13th October 2015 is now available […]

Mantle of the Expert Quality Marks 2014

RATIONALE In the past few years much has changed on the educational stage in the UK and internationally. Drama for learning methods as well as the adoption of Mantle of the Expert systems in many learning contexts is becoming more widespread in the UK and in several other countries notably in the Middle East, Palestine […]

Mantle of the Expert Quality Mark Training Schools

The following schools have been awarded the Mantle of the Expert Quality Mark, qualifying them as registered Training Schools. If you would like to visit one of these schools to see mantle of the expert in action and to discuss the approach with teachers who use it, please contact them directly through the links. Woodrow First School, Redditch Bealings […]

Mantle of the expert weekend November 2013 – Notes

Mantle of the expert weekend – Friday

1. Teacher coach
2. This work is about ‘induction’ not instruction
3. About helping children to ‘become’ people
4. This is a pedagogy that is about how we are with children

New – West Midlands Mantle of the Expert Network

We are pleased to announce our programme of activities for the Autumn and Spring terms
Cecily O’Neill: Story and Drama

Notes on the advanced weekend in November

The Advanced MoE weekend in November will have a strong learning and teaching focus for advanced practitioners concerning the use of language and role choices. There have been suggestions that we look into the challenges of working with other colleagues who are new to teaching and the first steps of inducting people into the system

MoE Study Days at Grimley and Holt CE Primary School

ghTuesday May 21st, 2013 & October 22nd, 2013

The staff and children of Grimley and Holt CE Primary School invite you to visit their school for a Mantle of the Expert Study Day.

Come and see how we empower children through our creative enterprise approach.

Watch experienced class teachers harness children’s natural ability to place them in the driving seat of their learning.

‘The outstanding curriculum is carefully planned. The innovative practice of teaching through drama and inquiry is now well established and recognised nationally as leading practice.’ OFSTED 2010.

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