Interview with John Holt

An audio interview on Youtube with John Holt who discusses the ‘return to basics’ movement in American education in the early 1980s. Very interesting analysis of schools and education at the time and the American government’s review which advocated a concentration on literacy, numeracy and testing to drive up standards.

Interview with children talking about moe

This interview was with a group of Year 3 children from Tuckswood First School, Norwich in 2005. The children talk about the learning events of the year that have had the most impact on them and why they think drama is so important.

Luke Abbott’s Keynote from the Waikato Conference, New Zealand

LukeThis keynote was recorded during the Waikato Mantle of the Expert conference in New Zealand, August, 2009.

Luke gives the background to the development of mantle of the expert since 2002 as a powerful curriculum approach and his view of the future of education created, not by the establishment, but by teachers innovating from the ‘underground’.

An interview with Dorothy Heathcote

Interview with Dorothy Heathcote, Monday November 2nd, 2009. Conducted over breakfast at the Angel Hotel, Abervavenny before the National Mantle of the Expert Conference.
The questions were written by children from Grimley Holt Primary School, Wors.

Luke Abbott’s Keynote at the Wales Conference

Luke Abbott speaking at the National mantle of the expert conference in Abergavenny, Wales on November 2nd 2009 discusses the use of imagination and play to the mantle of the expert approach, and reminisces about the day he spent in a nursery school in the early 1990’s and a valuable lesson learnt from a four year old with virtually no language.

Dorothy Heathcote’s Keynote at the Wales Conference

Dorothy Heathcote introduces mantle of the expert to delegates of the National mantle of the expert conference in Abergavenny, Wales on November 2nd, 2009 . Many agreed this was one of the most accessible and lucid accounts of the approach ever recorded.


QuestioningLuke Abbott discusses the use of language and questioning in the facilitation of Mantle of the Expert in the classroom.

Power & Relationships

Power-RelationshipsLuke Abbott discusses the use and misuse of power in the classroom and the importance of developing collaborative working relationships with children.

Dorothy Heathcote Explains MoE


This keynote was recorded in preparation for the first international mantle of the expert conference at Waikato University, Hamilton New Zealand, August 27-30, 2009.